Form Dynamix is a collaboration of a lot of different ideas that we have seen in the dispatch and trucking space. Some of the ideas are just ones dating back six to eight years ago when little pieces were built as concepts. This product is a mash-up of those concepts and ideas into a working application.

The product really boils down to the simplest way to collect field data without getting in the way of drivers and their process. Our team has over 30 years experience in mainly the oil and gas services industry, but our tool is not limited to this field exclusively. The tool can be used to manage a variety of tasks by both drivers and non-drivers alike. If your business is creating forms or collecting pieces of paper this tool might be able to help. Check out the youtube channel where we produced videos for a series of different industries and use cases.

Why is Core Dispatch Workflows Free?

It’s free because we want to help and enable small businesses to have some abilities of online task management. There are lots of ways to solve dispatching workflows or a task list and this is just one of many, but we think the tool will be useful to some audiences and industries.

This version of the tool was an idea that our developer had for an employer, but truthfully, a lot of larger companies rather spend money on million dollar systems rather than trying to tackle complex problems as a team. It’s a creative expression of a problem the developer was experiencing in their job. It’s also a way to “Stick it to the Man” and prove the ideas and thoughts of team members matter.

We believe in teams and everyone contributes to the ideas, functions and features of our products.