ELD Integration

We have worked with many ELD systems and have connected to their APIs for various applications and use cases. We’ll help you achieve your integration goals.

Integration Experience

Well, we have to be completely honest, we can not disclose every integration we have done and in what capacity, but we have some experience with some of the core ELD system in use by the industry today.

Geo Tab

We have done a fair amount of integration with Geo Tab.

  • Integrations
    • Mileage calculation
    • Geo Fencing
    • Breadcrumb
    • Log In / Out Audit
    • DVIR
    • Last Position Tracking

People Net

Form Dynamix actually had a pretty extensive People Net offering for dispatching using the People Net workflows and forms. In a lot of ways this project was born from some of those key ideas and strategies.

  • Experiences
    • Send Workflow to People Net Devices via API
    • Form Data Submissions
    • Geo Fencing / Breadcrumbing


I wouldn’t call it our core skill, but we have connected to their API and collected data via their forms and workflow module. It’s been a long time, but all the people on our team have worked with and used Omnitracs in some capacity.